TT-DOS-40 Twister Digital Overhead Stirrer

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Product Description

TT-DOS-40 Twister Digital Overhead Stirrer is a robust, general purpose stirrer for medium to high viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixture, up to 40L. It offers flexible speed range from 50 – 2200 rpm. The controls are easy to operate and enable user to set required speed and torque, with real-time LED display. The anti-spill feature prevents sample spill by implementing a smooth and steady start up. Speed precision is guaranteed by the microprocessor to ensure reliable and reproducible performance. The unit comes with a standard stainless steel stirrer rod of choice.


  • Easy to operate, clear LED display with real-time speed and torque
  • Accurate and constant speed control
  • Anti-spill with smooth start
  • Explosion-proof DC brushless motor
  • Closed casing to prevent liquid from entering the interior and corrosion
  • Continuous and stable operation
  • Safety features (eg. overload, short circuit and abnormal speed) with alarm
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise stirring mode


  • Mixing of medium to high viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixture
  • Dissolving solids and nutrients
  • Prevent suspended matter from settling during titration
  • PH-metering, extraction and dialysing with small quantities of substances
  • Suitable for chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical analysis, petrochemical, food and cosmetic laboratories

Each Standard Set Includes

    • Stirrer rod of choice
    • One stand with base

Technical Data

SpecificationsTT-DOS-40 Digital Overhead Stirrer
Max. stir capacity40L
Speed range50 - 2200 rpm
Speed control accuracy±3 rpm
Speed display accuracy±1 rpm
Time range30s - 999 min or continuous
Max. torque60
Max. viscosity50,000 mPas
Drill chuck clamping diameter range0.5-10 mm
Stirrer rod materialStainless steel (304)
Microprocessor controlYes
Display alarmYes
Audible alarmNo
VoltageDC 24V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (W x D x H)83 x 186 x 220 mm
Net weight2.8 kg
Permissible ambient temperature4°C - 45°C
Permissible relative humidity≤70%



Data Sheet : TT-DOS-40 Twister Digital Overhead Stirrer



TT-DOS-40 Twister Digital Overhead Stirrer

Ordering Information

Cat. No.Digital Overhead Stirrer
TT-DOS-40--24VTwister Digital Overhead Stirrer TT-DOS-40, 40L, 50-2200rpm, DC24V

Optional Accessories

Cat. No.Propeller styleSpecificationPropeller diameterStirrer rod diameterStirrer rod lengthMaximum speed
TT-SR60Straight1 blade60 mm8 mm400mm2200 rpm
TT-SR90Centrifugal2 blades90 mm8 mm400mm2200 rpm
TT-SR50Crossed4 blades50 mm8 mm400mm2200 rpm
TT-SR68Square1 blade68 mm8 mm400mm1000 rpm