TT-BLT-470 SafeViewer Blue Light Transilluminator

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Product Description

TT-BLT-470 SafeViewer Blue Light Transilluminator is a compact, portable and high intensity blue light transilluminator used as a safer, less toxic alternative to UV transilluminators for viewing wide range of blue light-excitable nucleic acid stains.

The ultra slim TT-BLT-470 SafeViewer Blue Light Transilluminator emits a high intensity LED array at wavelength of 470 nm which illuminate wide range of “safe” dyes in oppose to toxic Ethidium Bromide. This method prevents exposure of users to harmful UV radiation and minimizes DNA damage caused by UV light.


  • Safe for samples and users
    Does not cause burn to skin and eyes Diminishes damage to DNA samples
  • Exceptional performance
    108 high intensity LEDs illuminate wide range of samples Uniform illumination, high quality gel images
  • Portable and light weight
    Easy to lift, small footprint conserves bench space
  • Durable and long lasting
    Long service life of LEDs up to 100,000 hours

Technical Data

SpecificationsTT-BLT-470 SafeViewer Blue Light Transilluminator
Wavelength470 nm
Max. gel size100 x 150 mm
VoltageDC 24V
Dimension (WxDxH)210 x 210 x 30 mm
Permissible ambient temperature5 - 40℃
Permissible relative humidity≤70%
Net weight1.4 kg



Data Sheet : TT-BLT-470 SafeViewer Blue Light Transilluminator



TT-BLT-470 SafeViewer Blue Light Transilluminator



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Cat. No.Blue Light Transilluminator
TT-BLT-470SafeViewer Blue Light Transilluminator TT-BLT-470, 470 nm, max. gel size 100 x 150 mm, DC 24V