TT-70-2/ TT-60-4 Microplate Incubator

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Product Description

TT-70-2/ TT-60-4 Microplate Incubator is designed for heating and maintaining constant temperature of liquid samples in microplates (96-well/ 384-well) and cell culture plates (24-well, 48-well, 96-well).

It is uniquely designed with a heating platform with holding mechanism for microplates coupled with thermo lid which allows achieving the set and actual temperature of each well.


  • Simultaneous display of set and actual temperature and time
  • Microprocessor PID controller controls time and temperature with good linearity
  • Audio alarm signals upon program completion
  • User friendly operating interface


  • Incubation of ELISA plate, cell culture plate
  • Denaturation of nucleic acids and proteins etc

Technical Data

SpecificationsTT-70-2 Microplate IncubatorTT-60-4 Microplate Incubator
Temperature control rangeR.T. +5 - 70℃R.T. +5 - 70℃
Temperature stability at 37℃±0.2℃±0.2℃
Platform temperature uniformity±0.5℃±0.5℃
Temperature display accuracy0.1℃0.1℃
Heating speed≤25 min (20℃ to 70℃)≤25 min (20℃ to 70℃)
Digital time setting1min – 99h 59min1min – 99h 59min
Sample capacity2 Microplates
VoltageAC 110V or AC 220V, 50/60 HzAC 110V or AC 220V, 50/60 Hz
Fuse250V, 1A/2A, Ø5x20
Dimension (W x D x H)284 x 264 x 157 mm
Net weight3.3 kg
Permissible ambient temperature5 – 30℃5 – 30℃
Permissible relative humidity≤70%≤70%



Data Sheet : TT-70-2/ TT-60-4 Microplate Incubator



TT-70-2/TT-60-4 Microplate Incubator

Ordering Info

Cat. No.Microplate Incubator
TT-70-2-110VMicroplate Incubator TT-70-2, R.T. +5-70°C, 2 x 96-well plate, AC 110V
TT-70-2-220VMicroplate Incubator TT-70-2, R.T. +5-70°C, 2 x 96-well plate, AC 220V
TT-60-4-110VMicroplate Incubator TT-60-4, R.T. +5-70°C, 4 x 96-well plate, AC 110V
TT-60-4-220VMicroplate Incubator TT-60-4, R.T. +5-70°C, 4 x 96-well plate, AC 220V