TT-30K Digital Handheld Homogenizer

Product Description

TT-30K Digital Handheld Homogenizer is a powerful handheld homogenizer designed to rapidly homogenize, disperse and disintegrate biological samples in 10-30 seconds with adjustable speed ranging from 8,000 rpm up to 35,000 rpm. The homogenizer is ideal to use with samples from 0.5 ml to 250 ml with three types of generator probes available for different sample volume range. It is lightweight to be handheld with one hand operation and also can be mounted to a stand for fatigue-free and longer operation.

TT-30K Digital Handheld Homogenizer works by drawing the sample material into the generator probe with variable speed rotor. The material is repeatedly cycled and drawn through narrow slits in the generator probe where the extra shearing and disintegration action taken place to reduce the particle size of the sample. Complete homogenization of tissues (muscle, liver, breast tissue, etc.) is generally achieved in a few seconds. The brand new handheld homogenizer now comes in black and grey combination, replacing its old black and blue version.


  • Ideal for shredding and homogenizing samples
  • Adjustable speed control from 8,000 rpm up to 35,000 rpm with easy-to-read LED display
  • Practical for small samples ranging from 0.5 ml to 250 ml
  • Light weight and comfortable for one hand operation
  • Autoclavable generator shaft is made up of 316L stainless steel
  • Interchangeable generator probes are easily disassembled for cleanup
  • Optional H-type stand with adjustable height and angle available for more convenient and lengthier operation


  • Tissue homogenization (liquid/solid mixture)
  • PCR, RNA and DNA sample preparation
  • Food and plant analysis
  • Environmental, biological, pharmaceutical, microbiological research
  • Suitable for bacteria, yeast, plant and animal tissue samples

Technical Data

SpecificationsTT-30K Digital Handheld Homogenizer
Speed control range8,000-35,000 rpm (digital display, 1000 rpm increment)
Sample volume range0.5 ml – 250 ml
Rotor speed6.3m/sec-14m/sec
Noise level72 dB
Electrical supplyAC 220-240V, 50Hz
Power (Input/Output)160W/100W
Dimension (W x D x H)46 x 55 x 230 mm
Weight0.7 kg
Permissible ambient temperature5 – 40oC
Permissible relative humidity≤70%

Interchangeable Generator Probes

TypeSample VolumesOuter DiameterInner DiameterLengthMin. / Max. Immersion Depth
TT-30K-GPA0.5 - 50 ml6 mm3.9 mm150 mm20 / 90 mm
TT-30K-GPB1 - 100 ml8 mm6.1 mm167 mm20 / 107 mm
TT-30K-GPC1 - 250 ml10 mm7.9 mm180 mm20 / 120 mm



Data Sheet : TT-30K Digital Handheld Homogenizer



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Ordering Info

Cat. No.Digital Handheld Homogenizer
TT-30K-240VDigital Handheld Homogenizer TT-30K, AC 220-240V
Cat. No.Accessories
TT-30K-GPAGenerator probe for TT-30K, volumes 0.5 - 50 ml, Ø6 mm x L 150 mm
TT-30K-GPBGenerator probe for TT-30K, volumes 1 - 100 ml, Ø8 mm x L 167 mm
TT-30K-GPCGenerator probe for TT-30K, volumes 1 - 250 ml, Ø10 mm x L 180 mm
TT-30K-STH-type stand for TT-30K Digital Handheld Homogenizer