TT-2500-VM Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer

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Product Description

TT-2500-VM Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer is a high capacity vortex mixer designed to provide gentle to vigorous mixing of reagents up to 50 test tubes simultaneously.

The vortexing action is created by holding the top of the vessel securely in place and moving the bottom tray freely in a defined orbit.


  • Hands-free mixing up to 50 tubes at a time
  • Gentle to vigorous mixing in every tube at adjustable speed of 500-2,500 rpm
  • Easy-to-read LED speed and time display
  • Variety of tube frames available to hold different sizes of test tubes
  • Short mixing and timed mixing operation modes
  • With microprocessor controller for digital programming of speed & time
  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor


  • General micro test tube mixing
  • Mixing tissue samples
  • Vortexing cells suspensions
  • Mixing chemical reagents
  • High throughput testing in clinical, environmental and
    chemistry labs

Each Standard Set Includes

  • One tray pad set (Cat. No.: TT-2500VM-H)

Technical Data

SpecificationsTT-2500-VM Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer
Speed range500 - 2500 rpm
Speed accuracy±10 rpm
Orbit diameter4 mm
Operation modeDigital timer, short mix or continuous
Digital time setting1sec – 9999min
Maximum load5.0 kg
VoltageAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Fuse250A, 1A, Ø5 x 20
Dimension (W x D x H)250 x 426 x 480 mm
Net weight15 kg
Permissible ambient temperature4 - 45℃
Permissible relative humidity≤70%



Data Sheet : TT-2500-VM Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer


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Ordering Info

Cat. NoMulti-Tube Vortex Mixer
TT-2500-VMMuti-Tube Vortex Mixer TT-2500-VM, 500-2500 rpm, 4 mm, AC100-240V


Cat. No.AccessoriesDimension
TT-2500VM-1050 x Ø10 mm foam tube holder245 x 132 x 45 mm
TT-2500VM-1250 x Ø12 mm foam tube holder245 x 132 x 45 mm
TT-2500VM-1350 x Ø13 mm foam tube holder245 x 132 x 45 mm
TT-2500VM-1650 x Ø16 mm foam tube holder (15 ml Falcon tube)245 x 132 x 45 mm
TT-2500VM-2515 x Ø25 mm foam tube holder245 x 132 x 45 mm
TT-2500VM-2915 x Ø29 mm foam tube holder (50 ml Falcon tube)245 x 132 x 45 mm
TT-2500VM-4040x1.5/2.0ml transparent acrylic tube holder169 x 84 x 41 mm
TT-2500VM-HTray pad set (upper and lower)305 x 178.5 x 25 mm