TT-1500 Microplate Shaker

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Product Description

TT-1500 Microplate Shaker is designed for shaking/mixing liquid samples in microplates (96/384- well) and cell culture plates (24, 48, 96-well). The orbital shaking platform supplied able to hold up to four plates (standard or deep well) without requiring the use of clamps, springs or special tools.


  • Platform for 4 microplates supplied as standard
  • LED display: Easy-to-read, LED display for time and speed
  • DC brushless motor: Maintenance-free, stable & quiet operation
  • Audible alarm: Alarm will sound when the time reaches zero
  • Remaining time display: Timer will display remaining time


  • Mixing of biological and chemical components in all areas of medicine, biotechnology and microbiology laboratory research
  • Immunodiagnostics/Immunoassay
  • Shaking ELISA plates
  • Staining cells for flow cytometry
  • 96-well plate preparation prior to LC-MS/MS
  • Plate shaking for library preparation

Technical Data

SpecificationsTT-1500 Microplate Shaker
Speed range (rpm)200 - 1500 rpm (standard microplates); 200 - 1000 rpm (deep well plates)
Shaking orbit3 mm (horizontal)
Digital time setting1min - 99h 59min
Sample capacity4 standard microplates
VoltageAC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Fuse250V, 1A, Ø5x20
Dimension (W x D x H)284 x 264 x 121 mm
Net weight (kg)5.2 kg
Permissible ambient temperature4 - 45#&8451;
Permissible relative humidity≤70%



Data Sheet : TT-1500 Microplate Shaker

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Cat. No.Microplate Shaker
TT-1500Microplate Shaker TT-1500, 200 - 1500 rpm, 3 mm, 4 x 96-well microplate, AC 100-240V