SymphonyW Maxi 2D System

Product Description

SymphonyW Maxi 2D System comprises all necessary components for 2D electrophoresis using capillary ampholyte tube gels. The system is designed in such a way that the same universal tank and lid are utilized with interchangeable modular inserts to run capillary tube gels for first-dimension IEF and vertical slab gels for second-dimension SDS-PAGE. The dedicated 2D insert is able to run up to 10 first-dimension IEF tube gels with a single run. Running fewer gels can also be carried out by using the included dummy ports. The system can also be used to resolve 18 cm IPG strips in the first-dimension on the flat-bed IEF system. The complete stand-alone units for first dimension capillary tube gel electrophoresis are available which include the W Maxi tank and lid, tube gel module, tube and dummy ports. The units are interchangeable with W Maxi slab gel and blotting modules.


  • Comprises all necessary components for 2D electrophoresis using capillary tube gels
  • Interchangeable inserts to run capillary tube gels for first-dimension IEF and vertical gel slabs for second-dimension SDS-PAGE using the same universal tank and lid

Technical Data

SpecificationSymphonyW Maxi 2D System
IEF tube gel capacity1-10
PAGE gel capacity2 as standard; up to 4 maximum
Tube gel dimensions18 x 0.1 cm (Length x Diameter)
Plate dimensions (W x H x T)20 x 20 x 4 cm
2D gel dimensions (W x H)18.8 x 17.5 cm
Running conditions for IEF with coolingUp to 20 hours; 800V maximum
Recommended power supplyConsort power supply



Data Sheet : SymphonyW Maxi 2D System

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Ordering Info

Cat. No.SymphonyW Maxi 2D System
EB-VES-SWMAXI2DSSymphonyW Maxi Complete 2D System:
1 x W Maxi Vertical Unit: 2 x 4mm notched glass plates, 2 x 4 mm plain glass plates with 1 mm bonded spacers, 1 x dummy plate, 2 x combs, 1 mm, 24 samples, 1 x casting base, silicone mat, cooling pack
plus 1 x Capillary Electrophoresis Module: W Maxi tube gel insert, 100 x capillary tubes, 10 x dummy ports
plus 1 x W Maxi IEF Kit: 1 set of plain glass plates with bonded spacers, 0.6 x 20 cm (WxH) and 2 x 2D combs with one 3.5 mm marker lane and one 18 cm preparatory well
EB-VES-SWMAXITGW Maxi Tube Gel Unit, 20 x 20 cm with tank and lid, glass capillary tubes, dummy ports and cooling pack
SWMAXITGMW Maxi Tube Gel Module: glass capillary tubes and dummy ports
SWMAXICTW Maxi Capillary Tubes, 10/pk
SWMAXICT1.5W Maxi Capillary Tubes, 10/pk
SWMAXIDPW Maxi Dummy Ports