Rhythm Power Supply Series

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Product Description

Hercuvan’s extensive power supply range accommodates various electrophoresis techniques, from routine horizontal DNA agarose gel electrophoresis to PAGE applications as well as first dimension IEF using IPG strips and DGGE. Safety is assured as all the power supplies adhere to IEC 61010. The compact design makes it suitable for labs of any size with intuitive operation.

The newly improved Rhythm power supply series consists of compact and economical units for DNA/RNA (horizontal) and protein (vertical) electrophoresis systems. The operation is simple with 2 steps to set a programmable change in voltage/current/time. Simply press MODE and program STEP 1 and STEP 2 to the desired setting, followed by START. The maximum constant voltage up to 300 or 500V and maximum constant current output of 400mA makes them capable of running horizontal ConcertoGEL and vertical SymphonyPAGE systems. Rhythm500 can be used to run SymphonyW Maxi system and vertical gel tanks from other manufacturers.



  • Economical with small footprint saves bench space
  • Precise setting with 1V and 1mA increment
  • Two pairs of parallel power terminals accommodate two electrophoresis units to be run simultaneously
  • Enhanced built-in safety features
  • Clear and bright 3-digit LED
  • Alarm function
  • Robust and easy-to-clean polycarbonate housing

Technical Data



Output range

Power60W max.120W max.
Resolution1V/ 1mA
Type of Output Constant voltage or constant current
Automatic crossover-
Timer1-999 min with alarm; continuous
Pause/resume function-Yes
Display3-digit LED
Programmable methods--
Automatic recovery upon power failureNo-load detection,over-voltage, current & temperature protection, max. power, output detection, shrouded plugs and seckets
safety features-Yes
Operating conditionsAmbient-40℃,≤95% humidity
No. of output jacks2 sets in parallel
Regulatory conformityEN-61010-1; CE
Dual voltage4
100-240V AC
ConstructionPolycarbonate housing with aluminium base
Dimension (W x D x H)140 x 191 x 84 mm
Weight1 kg



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Ordering Info

Cat. No.Rhythm Power Supply Series
EB-PS-RT300-110VRhythm300 power supply 300V, 400mA, 60W, AC 110V
EB-PS-RT300-230VRhythm300 power supply 300V, 400mA, 60W, AC 230V
EB-PS-RT500-110VRhythm500 power supply 500V, 400mA, 120W, AC 110V
EB-PS-RT500-230VRhythm500 power supply 500V, 400mA, 120W, AC 230V
EB-PS-CABReplacement cables, 2/pk
EB-PS-CAB2Replacement unit cables, 2/pk
EB-PS-4-4Power supply adapters, 4 mm to 4 mm
EB-PS-4-2Power supply adapters, 4 mm to 2 mm
EB-PS-2-4Power supply adapters, 2 mm to 4 mm