Melody Power Supply Series

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Product Description

Melody300 is a multipurpose unit suitable for horizontal ConcertoGEL and vertical SymphonyPAGE Mini systems. With 300V, 700mA and 150W, the unit has nearly twice the current and power of equivalent leading unit in the market.

Melody500 operates with maximum 500V, 800mA and 300W, making it one of the most versatile unit suitable for wide range of applications such as horizontal, vertical and DGGE.

Melody3000 is ideal for high current electrophoresis applications at 300V, 3000mA and 300W. It is suitable for blotting units with high-intensity plate electrodes, especially SymphonyBLOT Maxi.


  • Built-in preset protocols and save up to 30 programs
  • Bright and clear LED display
  • Operable at constant or programmable setting simultaneously (Melody500 and Melody3000)
  • Run time extendable to 999 mins for overnight transfers (Melody3000)

Technical Data

Output range
Resolution1V/ 1mA1V/ 1mA/ 1W1V/ 1mA/ 1W
Type of OutputConstant voltage or constant current
Automatic crossoverYesYesYes
Timer1-999 min with alarm; continuousConstant mode: 1-999 min with alarm; continuous. Programmable mode: 1-999 min with alarm; continuous
Pause/resume functionYesYesYes
Display3-digit LED2.6" LCD, 2-line2.6" LCD, 2-line
Programmable methods-Up to 30 programs, each with 6 steps
Automatic recovery upon power failureNo-load detection, suddent load change detection, overload detection; ground lead detection, oer-voltage, current & temperature protection; max. power output detection, shrouded plugs and sockets
safety featuresYesYesYes
Operating conditionsAmbient-40℃,≤95% humidity
No. of output jacks5 sets in parallel
Regulatory conformityEN-61010-1; CE
Dual voltage4
100-240V AC
ConstructionFlame retardant ABS-plate design with aluminium base
Dimension (W x D x H)190 x 305 x 95 mm
Weight2.5 kg2.5 kg2.5 kg



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Ordering Info

Cat. No.Melody Power Supply Series
EB-PS-ML300-110VMelody300 Power Supply, 300V, 700mA, 150W, AC 110V
EB-PS-ML300-230VMelody300 Power Supply, 300V, 700mA, 150W, AC 230V
EB-PS-ML500-110VMelody500 Power Supply, 500V, 800mA, 300W, AC 110V
EB-PS-ML500-230VMelody500 Power Supply, 500V, 800mA, 300W, AC 230V
EB-PS-ML3000-110VMelody3000 Power Supply, 300V, 3000mA, 300W, AC 110V
EB-PS-ML3000-230VMelody3000 Power Supply, 300V, 3000mA, 300W, AC 230V