GS-96/ 60/ 9677/ 384/ 2×48/ 4830/ 322/ 96 PRO Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler

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Product Description

GS-96/ 60/ 9677/ 2×48/ 384/ 4830 Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler is a reliable gradient thermal cycler that delivers exceptional thermal performance for great accuracy and reproducibility in nucleic acid amplification with 8 Peltier elements, 4 independent temperature sensors and high ramping rates up to 5°C/sec.

GS-96 and GS-60 models come with a standard 96-well x 0.2 ml block and 60-well x 0.5 ml block respectively while GS-384 model comes with 384-well block format to handle high throughput PCR experiments. The newly added GS-9677 modal features a combined block module to accommodate 96-well x 0.2ml and 77 x 0.5ml PCR tubes

GS-2×48 model is a dual-block system with two separate 48-well x 0.2 ml reaction module while GS-4830 model comes with 48-well x 0.2 ml plus 30-well x 0.5 ml block format. User can interchange all of these reaction modules easily without requiring any special tools.

GS-96 PRO Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler is the upgraded version of GS-96 model that is engineered with HexaPRO Block that have 6 temperature zones for PCR optimization.

GS-322 model comes with a triple block that has 3 temperature zones (6 Peltier elements) for precise temperature control and PCR optimization.


  • Easy to program
    8 inches TFT touchscreen display and intuitive graphical programming makes navigation, protocol editing and viewing easier
  • High performance lid
    The lids are engineered with unique clutch mechanism which automatically limit the lid pressure applied against sample container, thus prevent PCR tubes/plates from damage
  • Easy data output
    Able to save and transfer files using USB flash drive
  • Personalized log in users and passwords
    Log in feature allows users to set password for individual account to fully monitor their protocols with more privacy
  • LAN network enabled
    Users able to control up to 30 thermal cyclers simultaneously via PC-controlled network
  • Free and easy software updates
    Software update from USB flash makes the software updates easier
  • GLP report
    GLP report completely records essential information of all PCR run
  • Incubation setting
    Incubation setting module allows users to program desired incubation block temperature and hold time


Technical Data

SpecificationsGS-96 / 60/ 9677/ 384/ 2x48 / 4830GS-322GS-96 PRO
Capacity96 x 0.2 ml/ 60 x 0.5 ml/ 96x0.2ml + 77 x 0.5ml/
384 x 0.02 ml/ 2 x 48 x 0.2 ml/
48 x 0.2 ml + 30 x 0.5 ml
3 x 32 x 0.2 ml
(3 temperature zones)
6 x 16 x 0.2 ml (6 temp. zones)
Program memory10,000 programs + USB10,000 programs + USB10,000 programs + USB
Temperature range0 - 100℃0 - 100℃4 - 100℃
Temperature gradient30℃30℃25℃ (max. 5℃ zone-to-zone)
Gradient temperature range30 - 100℃30 - 100℃30 - 100℃
PCR volume range1-100 μl5-80 μl1-80 μl
Maximum heating rate5.0℃ / sec5.0℃ / sec6.0℃ / sec
Maximum cooling rate4.0℃ / sec4.0℃ / sec4.0℃ / sec
Temperature uniformity±0.2℃ at 30℃ - 72℃
±0.3℃ at 95℃
±0.2℃ at 30℃ - 72℃
±0.3℃ at 95℃
±0.2℃ at 30℃ - 72℃
0.3℃ at 95℃
Temperature accuracy±0.1℃ (30-100℃)±0.2℃ (30-100℃)±0.2℃ (30-100℃)
Ramp rate adjustable0.1- 5.0℃ /sec0.1- 5.0℃ /sec0.1- 6.0℃ /sec
Display8.0’’ TFT color touch screen,
800 x 600 pixels
8.0’’ TFT color touch screen,
800 x 600 pixels
8.0’’ TFT color touch screen,
800 x 600 pixels
Cool samples to 4℃YesYesYes
Auto restart after power failureYesYesYes
Height adjustable heated lidYesYesYes
Hot lid temperature range30℃ -110℃30℃ -110℃30℃ -110℃
Max. number of steps303030
Max. number of cycles100100100
Time increment / decrement1sec - 600sec1sec - 600sec1sec - 600sec
Temperature increment / decrement0.1 - 10.0℃0.1 - 10.0℃0.1 - 10.0℃
Max. power consumption600 Watt600 Watt600 Watt
Input voltageAC 85-264V, 47 - 63HzAC 85-264V, 47 - 63HzAC 85-264V, 47 - 63Hz
Dimension (W x D x H)270 x 390 x 255 mm270 x 390 x 255 mm270 x 390 x 255 mm
Weight9.0 kg9.0 kg9.0 kg



Data Sheet : GS-96/ 60/ 9677/ 384/ 2×48/ 4830/ 322/ 96 PRO Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler


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Ordering Info

Cat. No.Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler
GS-96Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler GS-96, 96 x 0.2 ml block
GS-60Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler GS-60, 60 x 0.5 ml block
GS-384Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler GS-384, 384 x 0.02 ml block
GS-2x48Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler GS-2x48, 2 x 48 x 0.2 ml block
GS-4830Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler GS-4830, 48 x 0.2ml + 30 x 0.5ml
GS-322Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler GS-322, 3 x 32 x 0.2 ml Triple block
GS-96 PROGradient Touch Thermal Cycler GS-96 PRO, 6 x 16 x 0.2 ml HexaPRO block

Optional Accessories

Cat. No.Block for Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler
GS-B962Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler Block, 96 x 0.2 ml
GS-B605Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler Block, 60 x 0.5 ml
GS-B9677Gadient Touch Thermal Cycler Block, 96 x 0.2ml + 77 x 0.5ml
GS-B384Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler Block, 384 x 0.02 ml
GS-B482Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler Block, 2 x 48 x 0.2 ml
GS-B4830Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler Block, 48 x 0.2 ml + 30 x 0.5 ml
GS-B322Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler Block, 3 x 32 x 0.2 ml
GS-B962 PROGradient Touch Thermal Cycler HexaPRO Block, 6 x 16 x 0.2 ml (6 temperature zones)


GS-96/ 60/ 9677/ 384/ 2×48/ 4830/ 322/ 96 PRO Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler