ElitePro FlexiStand

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Product Description

ElitePro FlexiStand is designed to fit both single and multi-channel pipettes with reliable stability. The stand features “windows” to accommodate multi-channel pipettes head longways through the rack while simultaneously keeping the body of the pipette stable, which is achieved with two points; under the finger hook and near the bottom of the handle. As a result, users do not have to worry about pipettes falling or damaged. ElitePro FlexiStand is available as a 6-place rack that accepts four multi-channel pipettes. Each ElitePro FlexiStand is fitted with four non-skid rubber bottom for extra stability.



  • Fits wide range of pipettes
  • “Windows” to accommodate multi-channel pipettes with ease
  • Non-skid rubber bottom for stability
  • Robust build with 5mm acrylic (40% thicker)



Data Sheet : ElitePro FlexiStand

Ordering Info

Cat. No.ElitePro FlexiStand Rack
TT-EP-FS6ElitePro FlexiStand for 6 pipettes, up to 4 multi-channels