PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: SymphonyW Maxi Vertical Electrophoresis System

SymphonyW Maxi Vertical Electrophoresis System is a multipurpose system for various applications such as native, gradient and high resolution nucleic acid electrophoresis, first and second-dimension SDS-PAGE as well as capillary tube gel IEF or IPG strips and blotting. It has a unique vertical screw-clamp design within the PAGE insert that only requires four screws to secure up to four 20 x 20 cm gels. This design is advantageous with a faster setup time compared to traditional clamping configuration, with as many as 24 screws to secure just two glass plates.

• Detachable inner cooling coil allows rapid, smile-free electrophoresis at higher voltages
• Faster setup with only four screws to secure glass plates
• Vertical screw-clamps distribute even pressure along the height of gel
• Run up to 4 gels simultaneously (TETRAD system)


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