NEWS: May 2024 Event Insights Happening in Thailand


May 2024 Event Insights Happening in Thailand

Hercuvan Lab Systems is delighted to announce the successful participation of our Thailand distributor, Bang Trading in two prestigious events in May 2024. These events provided an excellent platform to showcase our molecular biology lab equipment, including centrifuges, microplate shakers, and MiniGEL Electrophoresis System. Designed to empower researchers, our products are at the forefront of innovation in life science applications.

15th Institute of Molecular Biosciences Event, Mahidol University
Location: Nakhon Pathom
Date: 14 May 2024

This event brought together top researchers and scientists to explore the latest advancements in molecular biosciences. Bang Trading proudly presented Hercuvan’s high-performance lab equipment, demonstrating how our products can facilitate breakthroughs in molecular research


7th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (PST2024)
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Date: 30-31 May 2024

PST2024 gathered leading experts in pharmaceutical sciences and technology to discuss innovations and trends in the industry. Bang Trading showcased Hercuvan’s comprehensive range of molecular biology equipment, highlighting their role in advancing pharmaceutical research and development


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