Introduction Hercuvan New Products of Year 2019

Aligned with our mission to constantly provide new solutions to researchers, we are happy to introduce some key products this year. The expansion of Nano Series comes with NC-100 Nano Clean Microplate Washer and NP-500 Nano Probe FISH Hybridization System. For the Gene Series, we added the compact GS-Q8 Pico Traveller Real-Time PCR System, perfect for field appications.

Furthermore, the new lineup for Table Top Series include TT-DMSM-25/ TT-DMSH-350 and TT-DMSH-350S CycloneSpin Digital Magnetic Stirrers, TT-DOS-40 Twister Digital Overhead Stirrer as well as Marina Thermostatic Water Bath. To complement the current TT-60-SI Shaking Incubator, two more models were released, TT-60-MSI InQShake Microplate Shaking Incubator and TT-60RSI InQShake Refrigerated Shaking Incubator. The brand new Labware Series witnessed the launch of Disposable Gel Cutting Tips and X-Blu UHC Western Blot Film

NC-100 Nano Clean Microplate WasherNP-500 Nano Probe FISH Hybridization System

Gene Series

GS-Q8 Pico Traveller Real-Time PCR System

Table Top Series

TT-DMSM-25 CyCloneSpin Mini Digital Magnetic StirrerTT-DMSH-350 CycloneSpin Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate
TT-DMSH-350S CycloneSpin Digital Magnetic Stirrer HotplateTT-DOS-40 Twister Digital Overhead Stirrer
TT-TWB-2L/TT-TWB-4L/TT-TWB-5L/TT-TWB-6L Marina Thermostatic Water BathTT-60-MSI InQShake Microplate Shaking Incubator
TT-60-RSI InQShake Refrigerated Shaking Incubator

Labware Series

Disposable Gel Cutting TipsX-Blu UHC Western Blot Film


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