Installation and Commissioning in Malaysia

Location : Xiamen University Malaysia Campus (XMUMC), Sepang, Selangor

Customer’s application: TT-60-SI Shaking Incubator, TT-3K-10K Mini-Centrifuge, TT-EP ElitePro Pipette Series

Customer’s Feedback: Testing of TT-60-SI Shaking Incubator by shaking 250mL Erlenmeyer flasks
filled with water.

“It provides quiet and stable shaking!”

Customer’s Feedback: Testing the performance of TT-EP ElitePro Pipette Series by user.

“ElitePro Pipettes Series are accurate, ergonomic and give unsurpassed precision results!”

Customer’s Feedback: A snap shot with TT-3K-10K Mini-Centrifuge and TT-60-SI Shaking Incubator
with pretty product specialists and end-users.


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