Ideal Handheld Homogenizer for Rapid Sample Preparation

Homogenizers are used for the disruption of various types of material, such as tissue, plant, food, and soil. It is commonly used sample pretreatment tool in laboratories to break down tissue, cells, or DNA into smaller components in order to expose the sample for further study. There are different types of homogenizers, but most people are familiar with the small, hand held versions used for rapid sample preparation.

TT-30K Digital Handheld Homogenizer from Hercuvan is a powerful handheld homogenizer designed to rapidly homogenize, disperse and disintegrate biological samples in 10-30 seconds with adjustable speed ranging from 8,000 rpm up to 35,000 rpm. The homogenizer is ideal to use with samples from 0.5 ml to 250 ml with three types of generator probes available for different sample volume range. It is lightweight to be handheld with one hand operation and also can be mounted to a stand for fatigue-free and longer operation.

TT-30K Digital Handheld Homogenizer works by drawing the sample material into the generator probe with variable speed rotor. The material is repeatedly cycled and drawn through narrow slits in the generator probe where the extra shearing and disintegration action taken place to reduce the particle size of the sample. Complete homogenization of tissues (muscle, liver, breast tissue, etc.) is generally achieved in a few seconds.


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