Get to Know: ND-2800-OD Nano DOT Nucleic Acid Analyzer

ND-2800-OD Nano DOT Nucleic Acid Analyzer is a standalone, easy-to-use and compact spectrophotometer that is ideal for quick measurement of concentration and purity of nucleic acid and purified protein samples by using 230nm, 260nm and 280nm. ND-2800-OD has been upgraded with an additional feature, OD600 measurement, which allows quantification of bacteria concentration in liquid suspension by using cuvette.

Samples of 0.5 μl to 2 μl can be measured by pipetting directly onto lower pedestal without requiring absorption cell or cuvette and the results can be obtained in less than 10 seconds. The newly 7-inch colour touchscreen and intuitive graphical interface make operation easy and user friendly. Results can be printed with the built-in printer or exported via USB flash drive.


 Measures nucleic acid concentration (260/280 ratio, 260/230 ratio)
 Measures protein A280
 Measures OD600
 Molecular biology, microbiology, proteomics, cell culture and biology laboratories
Each Standard Set Includes
 Main device
 Power adapter (DC 24V)
 Printing paper (2 rolls)
 Cuvettes (2 pcs)


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