Get to Know: Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler

GS-96/ 60/ 9677/ 2×48/ 384/ 4830 Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler is a reliable gradient thermal cycler that delivers exceptional thermal performance for great accuracy and reproducibility in nucleic acid amplification with 8 Peltier elements, 4 independent temperature sensors and high ramping rates up to 5 ℃/sec.

GS-96 and GS-60 models come with a standard 96-well x 0.2 ml block and 60-well x 0.5 ml block respectively while GS-384 model comes with 384-well block format to handle high throughput PCR experiments. The newly added GS-9677 modal features a combined block module to accommodate 96-well x 0.2ml and 77 x 0.5ml PCR tubes

GS-2×48 model is a dual-block system with two separate 48-well x 0.2 ml reaction module while GS-4830 model comes with 48-well x 0.2 ml plus 30-well x 0.5 ml block format. User can interchange all of these reaction modules easily without requiring any special tools.

GS-96 PRO Gradient Touch Thermal Cycler is the upgraded version of GS-96 model that is engineered with HexaPRO Block that have 6 temperature zones for PCR optimization.


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