Easy Buying Tips: Reliable and Safe Alternative to UV Transilluminators

Reliable and Safe Alternative to UV Transilluminators

When it comes to visualizing nucleic acid stains in the laboratory, safety and reliability are critical points of consideration. Traditional UV transilluminators, while effective, pose significant health risks and may damage DNA samples. There is a safer, equally effective solution: the blue light transilluminator.

Why Consider a Blue Light Transilluminator?

A blue light transilluminator, like the TT-BLT-470 SafeViewer, offers a host of benefits that make it a superior choice for viewing wide range of blue light-excitable nucleic acid stains. Here’s why you should consider making the switch:


Health Risks with UV Transilluminators:

  • Skin and Eye Damage: Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause serious health issues, including skin burns and eye damage. Protective gear is essential when using UV transilluminators.
  • Carcinogenic Dyes: UV transilluminators often use Ethidium Bromide, a highly toxic and carcinogenic dye, necessitating careful handling and disposal.

Advantages of Blue Light Transilluminators:

  • Non-Toxic: Blue light transilluminators illuminate wide range of “safe” dyes in oppose to toxic Ethidium Bromide.
  • No Harmful Radiation: Blue light is safe for both the user and the environment, reducing the risk of burns and eye damage.



UV Light Damage:

  • UV light can cause significant damage to DNA samples, affecting downstream applications such as cloning or sequencing.

Gentle Blue Light:

  • Blue light diminish damage to DNA samples, ensuring the integrity of your samples for further analysis.


  • Modern blue light transilluminators, like the TT-BLT-470 SafeViewer, is built with 108 high-intensity LEDs that provide uniform illumination and high-quality gel images.
  • Portable and Durable: Compact, lightweight, and with a long service life, the TT-BLT-470 is designed for convenience and longevity.

Switching to a blue light transilluminator like the TT-BLT-470 SafeViewer is a smart move for laboratories focused on safety, performance, and sample integrity. Its advanced features, combined with the elimination of health risks associated with UV light, make it a reliable and safe alternative for nucleic acid stain visualization.

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