DEMO VIDEO: TT-15000/ TT-15000R High Speed Centrifuge

TT-15000/ TT-15000R High Speed Centrifuge are the new generation high speed benchtop centrifuges which meet the optimal functionality with medium capacity for molecular biology applications. Built with 24-place capacity and maximum RCF of 21,400 × g, they are perfectly designed for centrifugation of samples in microcentrifuge tubes, PCR strip tubes and tubes up to 5.0ml. To maximise sample protection, both models feature soft brake function to prevent sample agitation.

Key Features

  • Maximum rotor capacity: 24 x 1.5/ 2.0 ml tubes
  • Three optional rotors to fit in different tube sizes
  • Short-spin key available for quick centrifugation
  • Soft brake function to avoid sample agitation and protect sensitive sample
  • Automatic lid release at the end of each run prevents sample warming
  • Safe to use in cold room (TT-15000 model)


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