Common FAQ When Choosing Orbital Shaker

Orbital shakers are a critical piece of equipment in almost every lab. Below are the frequently asked questions when selecting open-air orbital shaker.

Q1: Which rpms are recommended for my culture (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, cells, algae…)?
A1: Recommended rpms for culturing: Bacteria: 250rpm, Fungi: 200rpm, Yeast: 120-300rpm, Insect cells: 100rpm, Algae: 110rpm. These are general guidelines that should be optimized for your process. 

Q2: How does the shaker agitation rate and orbit affect culture growth?
A2: Generally, agitation speed and orbit affect both the aeration and the mixing of the culture. Greater aeration increases oxygen transfer rate (OTR), boosting cell growth. The size of the orbit affects OTR linearly.Q3: Do the Orbital Shaker come with platforms?
Q3: Do the Orbital Shaker come with platforms?
A3: Each Hercuvan’s TT-10/20/30  Orbital Shaker is available with multiple platform options, which are ordered separately to offer you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs.


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