How to choose a good pipette?

Being one of the crucial gadgets found in the lab, in this edition we will explore and guide you on how to screen the best pipette before considering purchasing any of them.

Ask yourself these questions before considering one.  If all come out with ”YES’, then the pipette is meant to accompany you for a long period of time. Besides, these are the common standard concerned by most of the end-users that we done survey with. Many pipette manufacturers didn’t pass the last question though.

Is it compatible with other brand’s tip?
Is calibration and repair service is also included? How fast can it be settled?
How about the after purchase services, is the technician can assist customers?
How long the warranty for the pipette is applicable? Can customer get replacement if broken?
Is it autoclavable?

The technical part is also essential when choosing your right pipette.
Three major elements are considered:

  1. Volume range

Many manufacturers able to provide most range needed in common laboratories. Refer the table for the common volume range available

Volume range
0.2 – 2 μL
1 – 10 μL
2 – 20 μL
5 – 50 μL
10 – 100 μL
20 – 200 μL
100 – 1000 μL
1 – 5 mL
1 – 10 mL
  1. Pipette accuracy

Pipetting accuracy though, is critical to successful experiments–especially in sensitive experiments. For example, qPCR relies upon accurate pipetting. A pipetting inaccuracy of as little as 5% can result in a 2 ng variation in template DNA. Proper technique always prolonged your pipette usability. In general, micropipettes are designed to operate with accuracies within a few percent (generally <3%) of the intended value for volume from 1uL onwards.

  1. Reproducibility

Ideally, micropipettes will carry liquids with accuracy and precision. Accuracy will result the micropipette delivering the correct volume. Precise results are reproducible. Perhaps, this analogy can help you in differentiate between what accuracy and precise are?

Introducing TT-EP ElitePro Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette series, the latest innovation based on ergonomics, comfort and accuracy aspects of liquid handling research. ElitePro is a well-balanced perfect module that comes in nine models with full adjustable volume ranging from 0.2 μL to 10 mL. Built with robust yet ergonomic construction, it is fully autoclavable at 121oC for complete sterility. The AccuLock brake feature helps to protect against accidental volume changes while the digital micrometer display is always visible. ElitePro is a premium pipette range that is lightweight and ergonomically designed, exhibits unsurpassed accuracy and extremely comfortable even after prolonged use.


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