Announcing the TT-EP ElitePro 2.0 Single and Multi-Channel Adjustable Volume Pipettes

TT-EP2 ElitePro 2.0 Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette series is a new generation with improved actuation forces and approximately 20% weight reduction in overall weight compared to its predecessor, the TT-EP series. The upgraded series provides superior accuracy and ergonomics, especially for prolonged and repetitive pipetting. TT-EP2 series is available in 10 models with full adjustable volumes ranging from 01μL-10mL.

TT-EP ElitePro Multi-Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette series cater to your 96-well applications. We understand how precision, comfort and speed play vital roles in selecting the best pipettes for your research. By combining all these elements together, the TT-EP ElitePro Multi-Channel series is born and we are confident they will serve your purpose and satisfy your needs. There are 5 models available for both 8-channel and 12-channel pipettes, ranging from 1.0 μL – 300 μL. The increments can go as low as 0.02 μL for 10μL, 20μL and 50μL models for better accuracy. Both single and multi-channel pipettes are fully autoclavable.


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