All-In-One Mini Horizontal Electroporesis System

Horizontal electrophoresis systems, also called submarine units, are systems designed to run agarose or polyacrylamide gels submerged in running buffer. Samples are introduced to an electric field and will migrate to the anode or cathode depending on their intrinsic charge. Systems can be used to separate DNA, RNA and proteins for quick screening applications such as sample quantification, size determination or PCR amplification detection.

TT-HES-1 MiniGEL Electrophoresis System is an all-in-one electrophoresis system completed with all components required to cast and run horizontal gels, including gel trays, combs, casting stand, gel tank and a digital power supply.

You can cast two different configurations of gels – 11cm x 6cm gels or 5.4cm x 6cm gels without requiring to change the tank.

The system also eliminates the need of power cables to connecting to anode and cathode sides of the tank as the system comes with an integrated power supply. Furthermore, it is considerably safer than traditional systems with a magnetic sensor on the device that only allow current to flow when the vented safety lid is closed.

Now, you can run your gel in SAFER and MORE CONVENIENT manner. Switch now from the bulky, complicated and potentially unsafe conventional electrophoresis systems to TT-HES-1 MiniGEL Electrophoresis System.


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