About Us

Our Company


Incorporated in 2011, Hercuvan Lab Systems is a company with solid experience in development, marketing, distribution and after sales service of laboratory equipment and scientific instruments. We focus in providing laboratory products and quality services to life science and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, government and private research labs worldwide.


Hercuvan Lab Systems is constantly developing and delivering wide spectrum of lab equipment such as the state of the art microvolume spectrophotometer for determination of DNA/RNA concentration, thermal cycler for amplification of DNAs, high precision pipettes and various of the most widely applied bench top-sized equipment for life science and general laboratory research field.


Our bench top lab equipment product line covers centrifuges, rockers & shakers, thermo shakers, shaking incubator, liquid handling, dry bath incubators, vortex mixers, sample concentrators, sterilizers, homogenizers, electrophoresis system and transilluminator.


Hercuvan Lab Systems markets its products to end-user researchers via international distributors and dealer network worldwide. Our distribution business partners are strategically located to ensure Hercuvan Lab Systems always delivering high quality products, services and technical support to our customer globally.


With full commitment towards quality excellence, we work closely with business partners to serve our customers worldwide and partnering with scientist and experts around the world to ensure our products are constantly evolving to meet market needs with the ultimate goal to propel scientific discoveries.

Our Mission


Hercuvan Lab Systems is dedicated to deliver practical and innovative laboratory supply and solution to our customers and distributionbusiness partners to propel scientific discoveries via continuous improvement in product and services.

Our Objective

  • To be a reliable and professional lab equipment provider to our customers by offering practical, innovative and affordable solution

  • To deliver laboratory products with design focus on consumer experience such as low maintenance, high versatility, innovative, and ease of operate

  • To provide efficient and quality sales and technical support to our customers